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the SE HF-360 VERTICAL, this instruction sheet should help you get the best from your new antenna. The SE HF-360 consists of 3 Fibreglass vertical radiating sections and one stainless steel top whip and an  transformer used to lower the high impedances found at the feed point of the vertical to the 50 Ohms that is required by your transceiver. Specifications: -Type End fed vertical antenna -Frequency TX/ 3.5 52MHz (with ATU) RX/ 1.8 55MHz (with ATU) -Max power 400 Watts -Impedance 50 Ohms -Connector SO-239 -Height 5.5 metresAssembly and Mounting: -Before you install your antenna, select the most available open site away from power lines and telephone lines. The antenna can be mounted at ground level or at height so giving you many options on installation. -Assemble the fiberglass elements ensuring that the lock washers are used and that the steel whip is inserted into the topsection fully and that the two grub screws are securely fastened. -Mount the antenna using the U-bolt or other attachment. -At the top of the base cradle place the three nuts and bolts into the black moulding and secure. -Attach the PL-259 plug on the 50 Ohm feeder coax to SO-239 socket on the transformer at the base of the antenna. -We recommend that you should always earth at the tuner point rather than at the transformer for best performance and safety. Pack contents: 2x Fiberglass poles. 1x Fiberglass pole with base cradle + transformer attached. 1x 1.35 metre steel whip 2x Lock washers 3x Top moulding nuts and bolts + washers. 2x U-Clamps + washers and nuts. 1x Alan key for top whip. Please note: This antenna is for amateur radio and broadband receiving use. Do not use other than for the purpose of antenna. Please use the antenna within the standard specifications described in this manual. Failure to do this may cause heat and breakdown of the transformer unit.

Warning: High RF currents are present on the antenna when transmitting. DO NOT TOUCH.


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SE HF-360 Vertical antenne voor de HF banden. OP VOORRAAD.

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